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Philip Bradley

Philip Bradley has over a two decades of experience in educational marketing development, community engagement and implementation within the Australasian and US secondary school sector. Originally trained as an architect he completed post-graduate studies to qualify as a teacher before establishing his own design and marketing business, Blueriver Creative. He offers a unique insight into the background and current operation of community engagement within New Zealand and its application within the United States. He is currently engaged in Master’s study in Social and Community Leadership at the University of Auckland, New Zealand.

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About this course

Questions are THE essential tool which a board member has to develop policy, create strategy and to assure accountability. This course will equip you to better serve your school or volunteer organisation by deepening your understanding on questioning and by providing you with practical tools to use at the boardroom table.

This course is only going to cost you if you think it's worth sharing with another board member! 

There's NO CHARGE if it's not a fit for you.

So, are you willing to "pay it forward" so that another person can access the training? Really?

Then you also get to prove exactly how much you think its worth - it's over to you to determine the true value by choosing from five price points:

$55 - the value of ONE board meeting attendance fee!

$110 - the value of TWO board meeting attendance fees.

$165 - the value of THREE board meeting attendance fees.

$275 - the value of HALF A YEAR'S board meeting attendance fees.*

$320 - the value of SIX board meeting attendance fees.

You can nominate one or more people at your chosen price point, after getting their permission and sending in their contact details, OR you can gift it for us to assign to another board member. We'll let them know of your generosity and put you in contact with each other, or you can do so anonymously.

This price structure achieves three things: 

  1. It gets out important training that can make a real difference to school board performance.
  2. It shows what the true value of the course is, because you've put your money where your mouth is.
  3. It unlocks the ability to invest more time into building further training that strengthens school communities.

You get to make your choice on whether you pay it forward AND at what value, once you have completed the final Module 7.

So what do you have to lose?  Enjoy the course and know that you will get real value.